X-PD LapSim Pro

The X-PD LapSIM project started as a development task to provide lap simulation capabilities for use in conjunction with X-PD event engineering activities. Subsequently the tools evolved into a comprehensive suite of software components which are distributed and used by customer racing teams and niche vehicle manufacturers.

The standard software has underpinned X-PD’s event engineering activities since 2010. It has also been used to aid the optimisation and development of new vehicles in specialist projects, with bespoke implementations. The modular approach to the software architecture allows the tools to be used & configured in a highly flexible fashion according to the end users specific requirements where necessary.

XPD LapSIM PRO Architecture V1 003-1The next level of capability – X-PD LapSIM PRO – takes the modular architecture hidden within the standard offering and opens up the underlying functionality such that the advanced user can implement their own key sub-components.

The professional user can integrate their own interpretation of the vehicle dynamics model, drivetrain, tyres and more with relative ease, with a range of options only limited by the constraints of the solution container and the scope of the Matlab environment where the simulation runs.

XPD LapSIM PRO Architecture V1 003-2
This ultimate flexibility, in a robust industry standard simulation environment, allows the user to develop their own unique features within the model, be that a KERS system, DRS capability, variable aerodynamics, ride height control or electric powerplant, using the existing simulation platform as a reliable foundation.

At the same time the user can protect their own valuable IP by developing internally alongside their other engineering activities. Equally X-PD can provide assistance in the modelling and integration tasks as well as developing specific features where required.

X-PD LapSIM Pro removes the normal limitations inherent to an off-the-shelf lap simulation solution, locked down by the vendor, and takes the capability to the next level. Look out for further news on the forthcoming release and for further information contact us directly.