X-PD Strategy Tools

X-PD Strategy tools are specifically developed systems for race management and planning to assist teams operating at the highest levels of endurance racing. The tools are uniquely tailored to the explicit limitations of the classes & specific regulations of the championships in which these teams are competing.

Using data fed from industry standard software such as PaceTeq’s ‘One Timing’ and HH Developments ‘HH Timing’ the X-PD tools and process extends the existing capability of these platforms, allowing for an accurate yet simple interface & approach to a specific car or performance engineers race management and strategy implementation in real-time. Alongside the real-time element, alternate race scenarios can be evaluated in detail and pre-prepared action/response plans can be laid out and reviewed before the race weekend/session even starts.

With quick & robust decision making at the core of the trackside engineers role, in addition to optimisation of race performance, these systems can be implemented within a team with due consideration given to the different levels of available capacity and resource for the specific function. This ensures that the best performance possible is realised for the customers specific scenario.