XPD Track Tools

XPD Track Tools are a set of user friendly software components that integrate with the routine tasks of the trackside engineer to consolidate the record keeping, car and driver performance analysis and setup development during the race weekend.

Using the XPD lapSIM analysis package as a base the conventional approach to trackside engineering is evolved – record keeping and its input to subjective/objective analysis of car and driver performance is enhanced, allowing various proposed setup options and approaches to be analysed rapidly and pre-validated prior to on-track sessions, this in turn shortens the optimization timeline to better fit limited testing.

By seamlessly interconnecting the data recording, analysis and optimization process with advanced capabilities such as laptime simulation and automated vehicle setup analysis in the background the track side engineer can streamline their work and converge on the optimized scenario for both team and driver to excel in.

XPD’s suite of ‘Track Tools’ is in current development and testing and will be available as a beta test release soon!..