Software Development

X-PD uses software tools from the Mathworks for Rapid Application Development (RAD), bespoke modelling, algorithm development and systems simulation. Matlab & Simulink are hugely powerful tools which can be used for a diverse range of engineering applications. XPD has licensed capabilities and significant experience with these products.

Standalone bespoke application development is possible using the Matlab 4th generation programming language, the advantage of this approach to software development and distribution is the speed with which an application can be built, tested and distributed in a robust format.

X-PD has developed the X-PD LapSIM tools in this environment, incorporating such technologies as 128 bit AES encryption, hardware key protection (usb dongle) and COM interfacing with 3rd party applications.

System modelling and algorithm test & development is possible using the Mathworks suite of software tools, either at a code level using core Matlab, or using the intuitive Simulink modelling environment.

These modelling tools provide the most flexible way to analyse proprietary system designs and due to the flexibility of the software the models can be integrated in a range of third party applications to facilitate software in the loop (SIL) testing.

X-PD can undertake projects requiring this high level development & simulation capability using Matlab & other Mathworks products for software solutions, systems analysis & modelling and bespoke simulation.

For more information or to discuss your requirements for software development please contact us.