X-PD Lapsim software

X-PD LapSIM Tools

Vehicle Lap simulation

‘X-PD LapSIM’ is a vehicle simulation toolbox comprising a suite of software components which can be used for the detailed analysis of vehicle performance over a defined vehicle path. Utilising a comprehensive, non-linear multi-mass vehicle model described by over 200 parameters & characteristic arrays it can be used to simulate and subsequently characterize a road or competition vehicles performance over a defined path in the virtual test environment.

Highly intuitive and user friendly the software is suitable for use by professionals and amateurs alike, with a range of powerful features it has applications from the design office through to trackside engineering. For the top-end user the latest evolution – X-PD LapSIM PRO – is uniquely configurable open-architecture, allowing scope to define various model elements in complete detail, to produce a bespoke simulation capability suitable to individual applications.

The standard software is available as a free to use download with extensive functionality, advanced features for the licensed user provide highly flexible professional level lap simulation capabilities – please contact us for further information on licensing options and pricing:


Benefits of Lap Simulation

Analyse new vehicle designs

Evaluate suspension setup changes

Establish optimum aerodynamic configurations

Test the effect of gearbox setup

Analyse tyre characteristic & performance

Compare alternative drivetrain/power profiles

Review effects of environmental variables

Predict performance at new circuits

The X-PD

Lapsim Tools

Vehicle Tool

The Vehicle Tool is used for construction of the vehicle description and for detailed parameter setting.

Circuit Tool

The Circuit Tool is used for the construction of the circuit path and geometry to be used in the lap simulation.

LapSIM Solver

The solver is the heart of the simulation toolbox and is used for implementing the lap solution.

Data Analysis Export

The Data Export facility allows advanced users to review simulation data in industry standard packages.