Circuit Tool

Circuit Tool_croppedThe Circuit Tool facilitates the production of path profiles for use in the solver. Typically an input file is produced from an export of measured on-car data (either a MATLAB or CSV data export can be used); from this the basic circuit path profile is generated.

The process is largely automated allowing an accurate representation of the circuit to be produced. The resultant circuit file, once complete, can be saved for direct use in the LapSIM solver and re-opened for editing if required.

Apexes_croppedThe circuit building application typically deconstructs the imported track data and re-constructs a file suitable for use with the simulation algorithm. In doing so it breaks the track down into discrete sections over which the solution algorithm works.

The circuit file can then be used with any vehicle file created with the Vehicle Tool. The circuit sections are delimited by apex points and hence this is an important part of circuit construction, the points can be generated automatically based on a set of user defined variables and subsequently edited, added or deleted as required.

Elevation_croppedFor licensed users the Circuit Tool also allows the definition of the path geometry (specifically elevation & camber) and local grip (Coefficient Of Friction) levels. Specifying these characteristics is done using built-in editing tools, it is possible to accurately model gradient changes, local circuit COF variations and circuit cambers.

The circuit geometry and grip variation is inherently difficult to accurately replicate, the software provides the tools to do this with a high level of detail. The Circuit Tool (like the Vehicle Tool) can be used independently of the other software components to produce path files/definitions for use in the solver.