Data Analysis Export

The Data Export features allow the extraction of simulation data in a variety of formats suitable for analysis in the third party software of choice. The results files generated by the solver contain all the relevant information relating to the simulation, including the circuit and vehicle file names, lap distance, lap times etc as well asĀ  the data channels themselves (in Evaluation Mode the software will generate a CSV file with a basic set of data channels).

ATLASData1For the licensed user the data generated by the simulation comprehensively describes the vehicle as it traverses a the defined path, vehicle speed, forces, loads, displacements etc are generated as data channels at user defined logging rates as if created by an on-board data logging system.

With the multiple output format capability the user is able to choose the post-processing tool most suitable to their needs and/or budget.


For example it is possible to export data to a format suitable for analysis in the commonly used professional software tools such as Motec I2 Pro, MES ATLAS and Cosworth Electronics PI Toolbox as well as more general data processing and analysis software such as MATLAB.

This flexibility allows the user to perform analysis of data as required , in the preferred analysis environment.

Motec_I2ProThis export/import functionality is subject to the user having the appropriate licenses for the third party software such that they can use the data.

The standardised outputs in .CSV or Matlab format can be easily displayed and manipulated in common packages used such as Microsoft Excel or Mathworks Matlab.